I Hear You, Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag ︎︎︎ 03. mars–26. mai 2018

Der Doppelgänger – Opening on March 3 at The Art Museum of North Trøndelag, part of the exhibiton Jeg hører deg, curated by Maria Veie

In the video installation Der Doppelgänger we meet a young woman who fights in front of an audience for her own attempt to climb an oil-plated copper plate and thus undermine nature. The film is loosely inspired by Caspar David Friedrich’s Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer (1817-1818), and contains a number of issues related to gender, identity and the role of the viewer. The two projections have slightly different lengths and the dialogue and the intensity of the images will vary all the time.The movie appears as a double projection in a corner so that the angle of the recording situation is reflected in the presentation. The purpose of a double projection is to intensify the viewing experience and highlight the sculptural and repeating elements of the scene. This is something that also follows the theme of Heinrich Heine’s poem, Doppelgänger, which finishes Franz Schubert’s last song cycle. This poem follows the projection as a dimmed soundtrack. The actual sound from the shooting situation has been removed, to make the most of the attention to the action in the image. The doubleganger motif is a mythological theme, which tells you that if you see your doubleganger, it’s a very bad one. You should not communicate with that person because you could be confused – it was also interpreted as a sure sign of your own death. But in the romantic sense, it is also a picture of self-esteem, one gets caught in lonely quest, eternal longing for an undefined goal and ending up with himself, a kind of distorted narcissus theme.

The work came out of the performance-series Riding Romance 2—Das Nebelmeer, which was performed at W17 at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, in 2015. Der Doppelgänger is presented as part of the 30th anniversary exhibition Jeg hører deg (I hear you), curated by Maria Veie, at The Art Museum of North Trøndelag, Norway, 03.03.18 – 26.05.18.

The exhibition is based on the Norwegian artist Johs Rian and looks at the intersection of sound and image. The exhibition will give the audience a strong encounter with art, where vision, hearing and sensation are activated through drawing, textiles, photo, time-based and performance works.

Regi: Henriette Pedersen
Utøvere: Elisabeth Breen Berger, Kristine Karåla Øren
Lys: Thilo Hahn
Scenograf: Frido Evers
Video: Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Produsent: Morten Kippe