Small stick big bird (2004)

A burlesque journey through private desires, secrets, sexual identities and fears.

The story is told through voice, gestures, movement, costumes and props by four distinctly different characters. These four women show us their highly peculiar world – a world where they try to hide their awkward and idiosyncratic personalities for each other and the audience, something they totally fail to do.

Premiered on 16 oct. 2004 at Oktoberdans, Bergen. 

Also performed at Dom Omladine in Beograd (2004), Black Box Teater in Oslo (2005), Dansstationen in Malmö (2005), Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim (2006) and at Lørenskog Kulturhus in Lørenskog (2008).

Henriette Pedersen (choreographer) Lars Petter Hagen (composer) Dagny Drage Kleiva (scenography) Maria Bohlin (costumes) Moa Beskow (dancer) Sissel M. Bjørkli (dancer) Marianne Skjeldal (dancer) Snelle Hall (substitute dancer) Siri Jøntvedt (substitute dancer) Carin Granath (singer) 

Photos by Sveinn Fannar Johannsson.