Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer (2013)



Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer (RR2) is the second part of a performance trilogy devoted to the romantic period. In each performance Henriette Pedersen and her team of artists will react to a well-known romantic artwork – within different genres of the arts. The first part, RR1 – Swan Lake, was a variation of the famous ballet Swan Lake. In this second part Pedersen move on to the visual arts and the painter Caspar David Friedrich, and by that she moves out of the theatre and in to the studio.

Whereas RR1 took place by the lake, Pedersen and Caspar David Friedrich will take us hiking in the mountains with RR2 – before the trilogy comes to an end in a dark forest with RR3Little Red Riding Hood.

Throughout the trilogy, the team will explore different methods and expressions, and RR2 – Das Nebelmeer  focuses on the working process through a series of presentations. The artists will react on each other’s movements and push one another out of track. Friedrich’s wanderer will set the tone, or the mood, for the process – and together with the audience, Pedersen and her team will climb Emotion Alp (25.-26.Octobre), Chaos Hump (13.-15.desember) and Grandiose Peak (24.-26.January). Das Nebelmeer is an organic and spatially oriented work, which will be open to the public in three different periods. The weather, the wind and the human development will leave its marks on the different presentations. The three phases of Das Nebelmeer will be structured in much the same way as mountains tend to both look the same while also differ a lot. The hiking trips might have some similarities regarding form, but as any hiker is well aware of; a mountain can never be climbed once and for all.

What path, what trail to choose on the way towards the top of the mountain? With the hormonal wind and inner nature as compass – the question remains: which map will be chosen, and what are the similarities between the map and the territory?

Henriette Pedersen is cooperating with the artist Frido Evers, and have a residency at W17, Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. Pedersen will make an extensive work with sculpture, installations and performance. In addition Pedersens permanent crew is Kristine Karåla Øren (dancer), Elisabeth Breen Berger (dancer), Katrine Ganer Skaug (composer/musician), Tilo Hahn (light designer) and Anette Therese Pettersen (writer/theatre critic).

W17 is a atelier-program initiated and financed by Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (a fund for artists) and the program is organized by Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, and will run until 2014. W17 offers ateliers, production support and possibilities for showing works in the gallery for artists living in Norway. The residency will last from the 1st of october until the 31st of january.

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Pictures from “Emotion Alp”:

Pictures from “Chaos Hump”:

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