Trailer from “PEER/BITCH”
Robert Eklund has made a trailer from “PEER/BITCH”. The material is a mix of documentation done by CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Millimedia/Ivar Mykland, and some of our own.



Premiere “PEER/BITCH”
“PEER/BITCH” will premiere at Black Box teater during CODA Oslo International Dance Festival 19th of October 2019!
Performances also 20, 21 and 22nd of October.Tickets (Premiere SOLD OUT):


Review of “I, Händel” in Norsk Shakespeare Tidsskrift (only in Norwegian):


“Der Doppelgänger”– Opening on March 3 at The Art Museum of North Trøndelag, part of the exhibiton “Jeg hører deg” curated by Maria Veiederdobbelgänger_web
In the video installation “Der Doppelgänger” we meet a young woman who fights in front of an audience for her own attempt to climb an oil-plated copper plate and thus undermine nature. The film is loosely inspired by Caspar David Friedrich’s “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” (1817-1818), and contains a number of issues related to gender, identity and the role of the viewer. The two projections have slightly different lengths and the dialogue and the intensity of the images will vary all the time.The movie appears as a double projection in a corner so that the angle of the recording situation is reflected in the presentation. The purpose of a double projection is to intensify the viewing experience and highlight the sculptural and repeating elements of the scene. This is something that also follows the theme of Heinrich Heine’s poem, Doppelgänger, which finishes Franz Schubert’s last song cycle. This poem follows the projection as a dimmed soundtrack. The actual sound from the shooting situation has been removed, to make the most of the attention to the action in the image. The doubleganger motif is a mythological theme, which tells you that if you see your doubleganger, it’s a very bad one. You should not communicate with that person because you could be confused – it was also interpreted as a sure sign of your own death. But in the romantic sense, it is also a picture of self-esteem, one gets caught in lonely quest, eternal longing for an undefined goal and ending up with himself, a kind of distorted narcissus theme.

The work came out of the performance-series “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer”, which was performed at W17 at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, in 2015.”Der Dobbelgänger” is presented as part of the 30th anniversary exhibition “Jeg hører deg” (I hear you), curated by Maria Veie, at The Art Museum of North Trøndelag, Norway, 03.03.18 – 26.05.18.

The exhibition is based on the Norwegian artist Johs Rian and looks at the intersection of sound and image. The exhibition will give the audience a strong encounter with art, where vision, hearing and sensation are activated through drawing, textiles, photo, time-based and performance works.

Director: Henriette Pedersen. Video: Sveinn Fannar Johannsson. Space: Frido Evers. Voice: Kristine Karåla Øren. Woman: Elisabeth Berger Breen. Light: Tilo Hahn. Producer/smoke: Morten Kippe.


“I, Händel” confirmed for Turteatern in Stockholm 18-20.april 2018!

This is the first time we visit Turteatern in Stockholm, and we are really looking forward to present this piece for the Stockholm audience! Turteatern is one of Swedens important scenes for experimental and political theatre and performance. Together with the new artistic director Marie Nikazm Bakken at Turteatern and her colleague Fredrik Floen (costume-designer) Turteatern just won the prestigious Ibsen Scholarship 2017! Congratulations!
“I, Händel” 20-22.april 2018. See you there!


Review of “I, Händel” at Stamsund International Theatre Festival, Stamsund, Norway

The Norwegian paper Klassekampen wrote an article about this years festival in Stamsund. “I, Händel” got positive review and high lightened as one of the festivals main performances, with the heading “Kunstens egne blikk” (only in Norwegian):


Review of “I, Händel” at Teater Får302, Copenhagen, Denmark

Here you can read a review by Michael Svennevig:
(in danish)

Trailer from “I, Händel”

Robert Eklund, a swedish video-artist, have documented our performances for many years. Now he has done a trailer from “I, Händel”. Have a look:

How to make sperm

We had great success with our new performance “I, Händel” at Atalante in Gothenburg last week. And the questions kept coming: How do you make sperm?

So we decided to share the recipe with you. It`s quite easy and you can do this anywhere.

1. Water
2. Cornflour
3. Milk

How to make sperm:
1. Boil 1 liter water
2. Mix 3 tablespoons of cornflour with a bit of water. Stir until the mixture is a bit thick, but fluent
3. Take the boiling water off the stove top
4. Stir the cornflour-mixture into the water until it gets thicker
5. Boil again
6. Then add milk

Amount of cornflour and milk decides the thickness and color.
Enjoy your personal sperm! It´s a nice party trick as well.



“Music with tits” – a text about the work on the music for “I, Händel”

Katrine Ganer Skaug is the artistic director for the danish Esbjerg Ensemble. Esbjerg Ensemble performs classical chamber music with an uncompromising sense of quality, and is recognised for its innovative and versatile programming.

Skaug have been collaborating with us also on “Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake”, and has now written about her work on “I, Händel” (unfortunately only in norwegian): Musikk med pupper


Some pictures by artist Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson from “I, Händel”, premiered at Atalante 5th of may 2016:





Check out Sveinn Fannar Jóhannssons homepage:



“I, Händel” Tour 2016/2017

Our new production “I, Händel” will premiere at Atalante 6th of may. This solo performance is based on the novel “Mitt grymma ode” by Carl-Michael Edenborg. The novel is a historical fantasy about the life of the German composer Georg Friedrich Händel, has been dramatised by Edenborg and then further adapted for performance by Henriette Pedersen.

The performance uses linguistic cross-dressing  and physical play to tell the story about the great, male composer. Gender, sexuality and megalomania constitutes one dimension of the performance, alongside the hygiene and fashion of the Baroque era. Caisa Stina Forssberg portrays Händel of its premiere at Atalante.

Autumn 2016 we will visit Teater Får 302 in Copenhagen and Turteatern in Stockholm in spring 2017. Follow us for updates here and on Facebook.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a retrospective of some of Henriette Pedersens performances:


Henriette Pedersen receives support for new project: “Händel”

We are happy to announce that Nartmanstiftelsen/Henriette Pedersen received funding for a new project. The performance “Händel” will premiere at Atalante 6th of may 2016. This project is based on the fictional autobiography of composer Georg Friedrich Händel written by the swedish author and idea historian Carl-Michael Edenborg. Actress Caisa-Stina Forsberg, light designer Tilo Hahn, stage set designer Olav Myrtvedt, costume-designer Baron von Bulldog, musician Katrine Ganer Skaug and the Esbjerg Ensemble will together with Pedersen and Edenborg perform a version of “Händel” written for stage. Follow us for updates!

We would like to thank The Norwegian Art Council for trust and support.


“Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen” 

Here´s the trailer from our latest production “Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen”. Filmed by swedish video artist Robert Eklund.

“Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer” book launch in Oslo

The launch of the publication in connection with “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer” is confirmed to the 16th of January at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.

Poster for the book launch in Bergen!

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson just made this amazing poster for the book launch in Bergen the 19th of october. There will also be a launch at DansefestivalBarents on the 7th of november!

The book “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer” is also in our hands, freshly printed by Teknisk Industri. Thanks to Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson for design and poster, and to editor Anette Therese Pettersen and all contributors who made this publication a reality.

Confirmed date for book launch 19th of october at Oktoberdans 2014

The launch of the book project connected to “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer” is confirmed to 19th of october during Oktoberdans in Bergen.

The editor, Anette Therese Pettersen, has invited different writers, critics and artists to write a reaction towards the three different parts of “Das Nebelmeer – RR2”, among them Kristin Berget, Diana Damian and Julian Blaue. Sveinn Fannar Johannsson is in charge of the visual contributions.

More information at

Henriette Pedersen received The Governments Grant for Artists

Henriette Pedersen received the Governments Grant for Artists for a period of 10 years. The grant will facilitate individual artists through receiving direct subsidies from the government. The aim is to contribute to a diverse and innovative art scene. The basis for receiving the grant is the emphasis on artistic quality and activity.

Press review of “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer””

“Tåkehavets Ryttere” by Venke Marie Sortland – 
(article in norwegian)

“Experimentation, testing and blasting of borders seems to be an important aspect in “Das Nebelmeer”, both in terms of form, space and thematic focus. One characteristic of romanticism was precisely to transcend rules, structures and forms. It was the artist who created the rule, through his brilliant artwork. Although Pedersen and her group of artists are not doing something entirely new, they are still pushing the boundaries of so many of the performing arts “traditional” parameters that I’m not sure the term performing arts are adequate for their project. “Das Nebelmeer” creates its own genre.” – Venke Marie Sortland,

Publication related to “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer”

Nartmanstiftelsen/Henriette Pedersen is making a publication related to “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer”. The editor, Anette Therese Pettersen, has invited different writers, critics and artists to write a reaction towards the three different parts of the performances.

The norwegian poet, Kristin Berget, has written a reaction to “Emotion Alp”, and the London-based performance critic, curator and dramaturge Diana Damian will do the same for “Chaos Hump”. For the third part, “Grandiose Peak”, norwegian performance artist and critic, Julian Blaue is writing his reaction.

Artist Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson is in charge of the visual contributions. In addition Anette Therese Pettersen will also contribute with text. The release is planned for autumn 2014 during Oktoberdans in Bergen, Norway.

More information to come.

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Photo: Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, from “Chaos Hump” 

New Tumblr-page!

Follow updates from “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer” here!

Confirmed dates for “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer”

The 1st of october Henriette and her crew is moving in to W17 at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. Through the four month long residency there will be openings as follow:

Emotion Alp / Følelsestind (25.-26.october)

Chaos Hump / Kaostoppen (13.-15.december)

Grandiose Peak / Grandiosnuten (24.-26.january)

More information here.


VARIA Lab 2013, Gothenburg

From the 6th of september Henriette Pedersen participate in the VARIA Lab in Gothenburg.

Henriette Pedersen, Christina Hallström (filmmaker) and Lisa Larsdotter Petersson (performance/visual-artist) meets openly in a lab-situation. They will together take an improvised leap with their minds and tools – video/imagery, movement/dance, voice/text etc. The lab gives one open showing that continues with conversation. The lab-result will not necessary be “a result”,  but more of an ongoing process between artists. The evening is free of charge. Welcome!

The showing/conversation at Danscentrum Väst, Ärlegatan 3, Göteborg. 19:00-20:30.



“SWAN LAKE” at Gallerie ASPN

– Performance at Gallerie ASPN in Leipzig, Germany,
  26. and 27.october at 20:00.

Ever since the first version of Swan Lake saw its first audience in 1877, the ballet has continued to thrill and excite audiences for more than a decade. But what can it mean in this specific time? Who are the swans, and what are the stories they have to tell today? With Swan Lake -RR1 Pedersen and the dancers explored, reconstructed and retold new versions of the original ballet – night after night.

Whereas Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake was an attempt to play with the ballet, this gallery version can be considered a way of boiling something until the point where just the essence remains. What that essence will be is yet unknown. And chances are that it will turn out differently each time Pedersen puts on a pot of Swan Lake and rides the romance with dancers Kristine Karåla Øren, Elisabeth Breen Berger and Marianne Kjærsund.

How does romance react to a white cube?

You can find Gallerie ASPN here (website) or here (Facebook).

Trailer from “Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake” Atalante, Gothenburg, Sweden at Vimeo.




This autumn Henriette Pedersen is continuing her work with the Riding Romance Trilogy. In october there´s a gallery version of “Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake” at Gallery ASPN in Leipzig, Germany. Later this season she and her company will start the production of part 2: “Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer”, based on the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich.

In september Henriette Pedersen and her company invited Maggie Jackson, a senior lecturer of art history from the University of Chester in England, to Oslo for a lecture about romanticism and Caspar David Friedrich.

Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer

The romanticism is characterized by seeking the picturesque, the spectacular and the individual. Forms are dissolved and the inner subjective experience gets superior to intellectual rationalism. Romanticism was a break-through for feelings and fantasy, and had a fundamental belief that fantasy would reveal the truth. Romantics sought to dissolve and cross it´s current norms within the arts and philosophy. With this in mind, Henriette Pedersen will in the second part of the trilogy treat Caspar David Friedrichs iconic works.

Pedersen will make an extensive work with sculpture, installations and performance. Pedersen and her company wish to work site specific and use the whole room. From 1.february to 31.may there will be possibilities to experience the work at Kunstnernes Hus. Opening hours will be announced shortly.

Henriette Pedersen is cooperating with the artist Frido Evers, and have a residency at W17. W17 is a atelier-program initiated and financed by Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (a fund for artists) and the program is organized by Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, and will run until 2014. W17 offers ateliers, production support and possibilities for showing works in the gallery for artists living in Norway



In the 19th century, ballets were seen as trading goods that could be rejuvenated and re-sold, as the choreographer Marius Petipa did with the poorly received ”Swan Lake” from 1877. Since then, several of the world’s most prominent choreographers have made their version of ”Swan Lake”, and now Henriette Pedersen has donet he same.

Costumes, movements, scripts, and even Tchaikovsky’s music has since 1877 been the objects of reconstruction. Numerous productions have been adapted to the skills and resources of artists. ”Swan Lake” has been shown as a romance, tragedy, and melodrama, with both tragic and happy endings.

To the degree one is able to speak of distinctive elements of ”Swan Lake”, it is that Odette’s dance is ”feminine”, soft and fluid. Her evil counterpart, Odile is more ”masculine”, erect without support.

The evolution of ”Swan Lake” has been so great that it can be called ”a work in progress”.

“Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake” premiered at Black Box Theatre in Oslo in February 2012. It was also shown at Atalante in Gothenburg, and will be made into a gallery version at ASPN Gallery in Leipzig in October 2012.



From hysteria to romance

Henriette Pedersen’s Animal Magnetism, the final part of her trilogy performance focusing on hysteria from a variety of angles and in a range of eras, was premiered in December 2010. Henriette Pedersen now intends to embark on a new trilogy which takes romance as its starting-point. Like hysteria, romance is characterised by its tendency to exceed norms – a designation that can also be used to describe Pedersen’s artistry as a whole. If we look at Henriette Pedersen’s artistry over the last ten years, she has at all times drawn on the ideals of romance – Henriette Pedersen is quite simply a genuine romantic.

Riding Romance 1 – 3

Three directions from the period will be held up to the light of day and exposed to a hardcore romantic approach before being recreated. The trilogy takes as its starting-point the following iconic works from the romantic period:

Riding Romance 1: The ballet Swan Lake in which a young woman becomes lost in a forest and is transformed into a swan by a wicked wizard.

Riding Romance 2: Caspar David Friedrich’s painting Der Wanderer Über dem Nebelmeer is a magnificent landscape painting in which nature represents a troubled inner mind.

Riding Romance 3: The fairytale of Red Riding Hood is one of the Brothers Grimm’s national romantic folktales. Once again we meet a young girl who has lost her way in the forest, but instead of meeting a wicked wizard she now meets the big, bad wolf.