Henriette Pedersen is a choreographer who works somewhere in between theatre, dance and the visual arts. Her expression stretches from the subtle introvert – to the explosive  extrovert, from hysteria and into romance. She’s known for challenging conventions regarding gender, but also for her unconditional love for her audience. Pedersen is thematically interested in the peripheral zones of human presence. She is inspired by the indecent, the dirty and suppressive sides of sexuality, and through her artistic practice she explores the normative and the law and order of the patriarchy.

Her performance trilogy Animal Magnetism (AM) revolves around the theme of hysteria. As an Orlando of hysteria, performer Kristine Karåla Øren walks through times and expresses the hysteric evolution. From the classic hysteria (AM1), through the dirty and suppressive sides of female sexuality, with references to Freud’s theories of penis envy (AM2), and all the way to the male hysteria (AM3). In her new trilogy, Riding Romance, Pedersen will do a make-over on some central works of the romantic area, starting with the ballet Swan Lake. Then she’ll work her way through one of Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings, until she reaches the fairytale of Red Riding Hood.

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Henriette Pedersen
Adress: Møllergata 34 A, 0179 Oslo
Born: 04. Juli 1972 Oslo

Contact: mail@henriettepedersen.no / +47 98 68 55 95

Production manager: Morten Kippe
morten.kippe@gmail.com / +47 915 27 162

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“PEER/BITCH”, October 2019, TBC

Guest performances:
“Almost Nothing”, September 2019, Høstscena, Ålesund, Norway TBC
“Almost Nothing”, November 2019, Turteatern, Stockholm, Sweden TBC


Stage Performances

“Almost Nothing”
Black Box teater, Oslo, Norway (2018)

“I, Händel”
Stamsund Teaterfestival, Stamsund, Norway (2017)
Teater Får 302, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)
Atalante, Gothenburg, Sweden (2016)

“Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen”
Atalante, Guthenburg, Sweden (2014)
Black Box teater, Norway (2015)

Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake
Black Box teater, Oslo, Norway (2012)
Atalante, Guthenburg. Sweden (2012)

Animal Magnetism 3
Black Box Theatre, Oslo (2010)
Oslo International Theatre Festival, Black Box teater (2011)
Atalante, Gothenburg, Sweden (2011)

Animal Magnetism 2
Black Box teater, Oslo (2009)
Atalante, Gothenburg (2010)
Atalante, Gothenburg (2011)

Animal Magnetism 1
Black Box teater, Oslo (2009)
Avant Garden, Trondheim (2009)
Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sweden (2011)
Atalante, Gothenburg (2011)

The Problem Has No Name
Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim (2009)
Atalante, Göteborg (2008)
Kulturhuset Kilen, Stockholm (2008)
Black Box teater, Oslo (2007)
Showbox, Oslo (2007)
Meteor, Bergen (2007)

Hamburger Allee
Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim (2007)
Kulturhuset Kilen, Stockholm (2007)
Oktoberdans, Bergen (2006)
Black Box teater, Oslo (2006)

Edna og Bob
Podium, Oslo (2005)
Scenehuset, Oslo (2005)

Small stick big bird
Lørenskog Kulturskog, Lørenskog (2008)
Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim (2006)
Dansstationen, Malmö (2005)
Black Box teater, Oslo (2005)
Dom Omladine, Beograd (2004)
Oktoberdans, Bergen (2004)

Classic heaven
Mladi Levi, Ljubljana (2004)
Meteor, Bergen (2003)

«Ny Norsk Dans», Dansenshus, Oslo (2005)

Pedersen Presenterer Pregnante Prognoser
CODAblå, contemporary dance festival Oslo (2002)

Rostedsgt. 7 (2001)
CODAblå, contemporary dance festival Oslo (2003)

Utidig Innsyn
Oktoberdans (2000)

Site-specific performances

Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer – Book Launch 

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2015)
Dansefestival Barents, Hammerfest (2014)
Oktoberdans, Bergen (2014)
NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, New York (2014)

Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer
W17, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (October 2013 – January 2014)

Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake – intim
ASPN Gallerie, Leipzig (October 2012)

Animal Magnetism 3 – intim
Galleri Maria Veie, Oslo (February 2011)
ASPN, Leipzig (February 2011)

Animal Magnetism 2 – intim
Animal Magnetism 2 – intim
, Galleri Maria Veie (15.-16.Jan 2010)
Animal Magnetism 2 – intim
, Bastard Festival, Avant Garden, Trondheim (September 2010)
ASPN, Leipzig (2010)
Galleri Maria Veie, Berlin  (2010)

Animal Magnetism 1 – intim
Galleri Maria Veie, Oslo (2009)
Access&Paradox, Paris, France (2010)
ASPN, Leipzig (2010)
Galleri Maria Veie, Berlin (2010)

Hamburger – intim
Scenerommet , Vestfossen (2008)

Is The Queen Getting Bigger?
WestEnd performance festival, Leipzig (2004)

Classic heaven
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2003)

Blindt begjær
Tøyenbadet, Oslo (2002)

Løs i kjøttet
«Bastard performancefestival», Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim (2002)
«Omsklo», Blå, Oslo (2001)

Snever idyll
Oslo kunsthall, Oslo (2002)

Perfect passion
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2002)

Skutt i Bena
Stockholm Poesifestival (2000)

Video installations

Der Dobbelgänger 
Art Museum of North Trøndelag (2018)

Animal Magnetism 3
Art Amsterdam, Asmsterdam (2011)
DanseFestivalBarents, Hammerfest (2011)

Wolfgang und Eva:
Det Norske konsulatet, Leipzig (2005)
Oslo Konserthus, Oslo (2005)
Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo (2005)
Universität Leipzig, Leipzig (2005)

Is the queen getting bigger?:
Wallpaper dance video-exhibition, Trieste (2009)
Galleri Pierogi, Leipzig (2006)
Shoot dancefilm festival, Stockholm (2006)
Shoot dancefilm festival, Stockholm (2005)
WestEnd, Leipzig (2004)
Oslo Open, Oslo (2003)
Volksbühne, Berlin (2003)
Minimalen kortfilmfestival, Trondheim (2003)
Galleri F-15, Moss (2003)
Kaaitheater, Brussel (2002)
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2002)

“Is the queen getting bigger?” part of the video program
“Old habits Die Hard” at Galleri Sparwasser HQ, Berlin:
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sidney (2005)
Goethe Institute, New York (2005)
Signal, Malmø (2004)
Yans Galleri, Gøteborg (2004)
Cont. Art Center, Istambul (2004)
Norwich Gallery, London (2004)
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2004)
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2004)
Galleri Sparwasser,Berlin (2003)

3 years work grant, Government Grants for Artists (2009-2011)
3 years work grant for younger, newly-established artists, Government Grants for Artists (2002-2004)
Establishments grant, Government Grants for Artists (2001)

National college of ballet and dance, choreographic faculty, Oslo (1997-2000)
Ballettakademien, Stockholm (1996-1997)
Kulturama, Stockholm (1995-1996)
Spin Off, «ettårig forstudium i dans», (School for contemporary dance), Oslo (1994-1995)
«Nordiska folkhøgskolan», theater, Kungälv (1992-1993)

2008 – Board Member Danseinformasjonen

2010 – Deputy  Member in the board of Danseinformasjonen, Oslo

2011 – Deputy Member in the board of Dansens Hus, Oslo