Animal Magnetism 2 (2009)








The second part of the Animal Magnetism trilogy had its premiere at Black Box Teater on the 10th of December 2009 , and toured in Germany and Sweden the following two years.

In Animal Magnetism 2 we wish to portray the passion, aggression and sexuality of the hysteric. We look at ‘the animal woman’ that who the male is frightened of, the dangerous woman as a sexual body, shut off from her intellect, out of control. She is exempt from the romantic notions of love and sexuality, she distances herself from the role as a victim and enters the room in a confident manner.

In this performance the myth of ‘the animal woman’ is tested, what kind of creature is she? Where Animal Magnetism I projected the hysteria, Animal Magnetism 2 will act out the recognition and undermining of the hysterics’ arena(s) – where, amongst other, Freud’s theories on penis envy are being investigated.


All photos by Sveinn Fannar Johannsson.

Black Box, 2009:

Animal Magnetism 2 intimate (at Galleri Maria Veie):