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Almost Nothing (2018)


Almost Nothing is the result of a desire to take a closer look at how maximalism can meet a more minimal expression.

Like a centrifuge of chaos and maximalism, but viewed from a quiet perspective in the midst of the storm.

Henriette Pedersen is a Norwegian choreographer who works […]

I, Händel (2016)

The solo performance “I, HÄNDEL” is based on the novel “Mitt grymma öde” by Carl-Michael Edenborg. The novel is a historical fantasy about the life of the German composer Georg Friedrich Händel, has been dramatised by Edenborg and then further adapted for performance by Henriette Pedersen.

The performance uses linguistic cross-dressing and […]

Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen (2014)

In Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen Henriette Pedersen for the first time works with a dj; Ola Smith-Simonsen aka Olanskii – one of Norways foremost djs. He is behind the club concept Sunkissed and runs the club Jaeger in Oslo. The performance consists of a live set of Olanskii, […]

Riding Romance 2 – Das Nebelmeer (2013)



Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake (2012)


Animal Magnetism 3 (2010)


Animal Magnetism 2 (2009)


Animal Magnetism 1 (2009)

AM 1 Atalante 2011


The Problem has no name (2007)


Hamburger Allee (2006)