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Almost Nothing (2018)


Almost Nothing is the result of a desire to take a closer look at how maximalism can meet a more minimal expression.

Like a centrifuge of chaos and maximalism, but viewed from a quiet perspective in the midst of the storm.

Henriette Pedersen is a Norwegian choreographer who works between the fields of theater, dance and visual arts in an expression that first and foremost is characterized by explosive extroversion. A vulgar maximalism, or coarse art, inspired by the indecent and highly sensual. After three thematically oriented series of performances and the text based performance “I, Händel”, Pedersen now wants to work with form as a starting point and has chosen the author and visual artist Vibeke Tandberg’s book Joelle Joelle as a possible skeleton for Almost Nothing.

The book explores the novel as a genre and is without any clear characters, dialogue or emotions. It’s a text without the ‘I’ where the reader can never be sure where or from whom sensation originates. In Pedersen’s previous performances the characters emerge through the raucous presence of the body. In Almost Nothing, form creates content and is embodied by the performers Sulekha Ali Omar and Håkon Mathias Vassvik. Vassvik has participated in the creations of Verk Produksjoner for a number of years, in addition to his own solo projects. Ali Omar trained as a dancer, and has worked within institutional theaters such as Den Nationale Scene and Brageteatret as well as performing in the work of Tori Wrånes.

Director, choreographer: Henriette Pedersen. Performers: Håkon Mathias Vassvik, Sulekha Ali Omar. Sound design: Vilde Nupen. Light design: Tilo Hahn. Costume: Kjell Nordström. Scenography, costume: Olav Ryland Myrtvedt. Producer: Morten Kippe. Dramaturge: Kai Johnsen. Text from the book Joelle Joelle by: Vibeke Tandberg. Photo: Sveinn Fannar Johannsson. Program text: Anette Therese Pettersen.

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists, Bergesenstiftelsen.

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