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Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen (2014)


“There are frightening male figures abroad in the woods — we call them wolves, among other names — and females are helpless before them.” *

In the third and last part of Riding Romance the national romanticism comes to expression through the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood”, or “Rotkäppchen” in german. The tale of Red Riding Hood and the wolf has existed in many varieties. The version we know best today originates however from the Brothers Grimm collection anno 1812, and like “Swan Lake” “Little Red Riding Hood” is a story of women told by men. It turns out that unmarried women at this time was also referred to as ‘ little girls ‘ , which in principle means that Red Riding Hood could just as easily have been a grown woman. The Frenchman Charles Perrault’s version of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood in 1697 is about a young woman who is tricked into the wolfs bed after he has eaten Grandma. The adventure ends really bad: the wolf eats up Red Riding Hood and then the story ends.

In contrast Grimm introduced the resucer: the hunter. A big , strong man who can save Little Red Riding Hood out of the disaster. Moral of the matter is the same: young girls / women should not walk alone in the woods, they should stick to the broad path and make sure not to be fooled by disguised wolves.

Here we are dealing with a romantic works that over two hundred years later still has a normative function in terms of how women should behave. Also the fairytales are often grotesque and has been censored to make them more available for children, and then some of the more explicit and controversial elements of the stories have been removed.

* “Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked” review By Esther Lombardi

Riding Romance 3 – Das Rotkäppchen will premiere at Atalante, Guthenburg, Sweden the 5ht of december 2015.
Guest performance at Black Box Theatre in Oslo in january 2015. 

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